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Leslie Korn

Leslie Korn, PhD, is a clinician specializing in mental health nutrition and integrative medicine. A core faculty member of Capella University’s Mental Health Counseling Program, she served as a Fulbright scholar on traditional medicine, a Clinical Fellow at Harvard Medical School, and a National
Institutes of Health-funded research scientist in mind/body medicine. In 1975, she founded the Center for Traditional Medicine, a public health clinic in rural indigenous Mexico that she directed for over 25 years. Author of six books, she teaches and consults internationally for mental health professionals and tribal communities.

Books by Leslie Korn

  1. Book CoverThe Good Mood Kitchen: Simple Recipes and Nutrition Tips for Emotional Balance

    The go-to guide to cooking and eating for better mental health.More

  2. Book CoverNutrition Essentials for Mental Health: A Complete Guide to the Food-Mood Connection

    Exploring the connection between nutrition and mental wellness so therapists can provide more effective, integrated treatment.More