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Thomas Forrest Kelly

Thomas Forrest Kelly is professor of music at Harvard University. He studied musicology and chant on a Fulbright in France, and he has taught at Wellesley, Smith, Amherst, and Oberlin Colleges. His previous books include Capturing Music, Music Then and NowFirst Nights: Five Musical Premieres, and First Nights at the Opera. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Books by Thomas Forrest Kelly

  1. Book CoverCapturing Music: The Story of Notation

    An entertaining history of how musicians learned to record music for all time, filled with art that sings.More

  2. Book CoverMusic Then and Now

    A “you are there” guide to masterpieces of Western music.More

  3. Book CoverThe Role of the Scroll: An Illustrated Introduction to Scrolls in the Middle Ages

    A beautifully illustrated, full color history of scrolls and their uses in medieval life.More