Eric A. Nelson

Eric A. Nelson’s career spanned work as a chemistry instructor and as an elected officer and legislative representative for his faculty organization. His professional interests include research on reading comprehension in the sciences and measures of student mathematics achievement in preparation for study in chemistry. Prior to his retirement, he served on committees at the state and regional level working to raise academic standards and encourage the adoption of research-based curricula in STEM fields.

Books by Eric A. Nelson

  1. Book CoverCalculations in Chemistry

    Preliminary Edition

    The Preliminary Edition of Calculations in Chemistry systematically teaches students how to solve calculations necessary to be successful in general chemistry. This workbook uses the latest cognitive research to teach general chemistry students how to overcome their most common barrier to success: math.More

  2. Book CoverCalculations in Chemistry: An Introduction

    Second Edition

    Helps students overcome the biggest barrier to their success in chemistry: math.More