Michal Brody

Michal Brody is a linguist, independent scholar, and lecturer. She was a founding faculty member of the Universidad de Oriente in Yucatán, Mexico, and teaches now at Sonoma State University and San Francisco State University. Her scholarly work centers on language pedagogy and politics in the United States and Mexico. She’s the author (with Keith Walters) of What’s Language Got to Do with It? and coauthor (with Richard Bullock and Francine Weinberg) of The Little Seagull Handbook, and the editor of the Everyone’s an Author Tumblr site and They Say / I Blog.

Books by Michal Brody

  1. Book CoverEveryone's an Author with 2016 MLA Update

    Second Edition


    A rhetoric that bridges the gap between the writing students already do in social media and other nonacademic contexts and the writing they’re expected to do in college—all within a strong rhetorical framework.


  2. Book CoverInstructor's Guide: for Everyone's an Author, Second Edition

    The Instructor’s Guide for Everyone’s an Author offers advice for teaching every chapter and reading in the text, as well as general advice for teaching a writing class. A new tab provides instructors with a group of sample activities for teaching the concepts in the text.More

  3. Book CoverThe Little Seagull Handbook

    Third Edition

    The pocket-sized handbook that does the work of a full-sized handbook, now with a new section on editing the errors that matter.More

  4. Book CoverWhat's Language Got to Do with It?

    In the Mideast, words shoot to kill. On the pages of the New Yorker, Romeo IMs Juliet. In India, operators in customer service call centers are required to speak English with an American accent and to be able to make small talk about the Super Bowl. Closer to home, ABC News offers up a linguistic profiling quiz. And George Orwell continues to lament the state of politics and the English language.More