Steven J. Heine

Steven J. Heine (Ph.D. University of British Columbia) is Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia. His research focuses on the role of culture in people’s motivations to view themselves positively. He has published over thirty articles and written nine book chapters, including “Culture and Motivation,” in the forthcoming Handbook of Cultural Psychology. He received the Distinguished Scientist Early Career Award for Social Psychology from the American Psychological Association in 2003 and the Early Career Award from the International Society of Self and Identity in 2002. He lives with his family in Vancouver.

Books by Steven J. Heine

  1. Book CoverCultural Psychology

    Second Edition

    The standard for cultural psychology courses around the world.More

  2. Book CoverPsychological Science

    Third Canadian Edition

    The world of psychological science, made especially relevant for Canadian students.More