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National Poetry Month - Beth Ann Fennelly

Step inside "The Kudzu Chronicles." As the poet reads her book-length poem, you learn more about her ...

Beth Ann Fennelly

Beth Ann Fennelly is the author of Unmentionables, Tender Hooks, Open House and Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother. She lives in Oxford, Mississippi.

Books by Beth Ann Fennelly

  1. Book CoverGreat with Child: Letters to a Young Mother

    "May be the best book ever to give for a baby shower."—Tampa TribuneMore

  2. Book CoverHeating & Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoirs

    “Imagine the hundred things you enjoy doing most in the world. Reading Heating & Cooling is more fun than 95 of them.”—Richard RussoMore

  3. Book CoverOpen House: Poems

    “With its high spirits, its love of textures of different kinds of writing . . . [this] is an immensely lively performance.” —Robert HassMore

  4. Book CoverTender Hooks: Poems

    A fearless delineation of the joys, absorptions, and—yes—jealousies of new motherhood.More

  5. Book CoverUnmentionables: Poems

    “Insouciant, sexy, funny, and dead-on . . . a startlingly empathetic series of concise and slashing poems.”—BooklistMore