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Paula Fox

Paula Fox (1923—2017) was the author of Desperate Characters, The Widow’s Children, A Servant’s Tale, The God of Nightmares, Poor George, The Western Coast, and Borrowed Finery: A Memoir, among other books.

Books by Paula Fox

  1. Book CoverDesperate Characters

    "A towering landmark of postwar Realism. . . . A sustained work of prose so lucid and fine it seems less written than carved." — David Foster WallaceMore

  2. Book CoverThe God of Nightmares

    "Vividly rendered...haunting....[Paula Fox] writes with silken ease and a sensitivity to nuance."—NewsdayMore

  3. Book CoverNews from the World: Stories and Essays

    “Not only can Fox see, she can hear, she can feel.”—Zadie Smith, Harper’sMore

  4. Book CoverPoor George: A Novel

    "The best first novel I've read in quite a long time…A merciless uncovering of the exurban wastelands of the spirit." —New York Review of BooksMore

  5. Book CoverA Servant's Tale: A Novel

    "A rare and wondrous thing....[Fox] knows how to create a character."—VogueMore

  6. Book CoverThe Western Coast: A Novel

    America and the catastrophic world of twentieth-century war, mass murder, and horror are the backdrop of this story of Annie Gianfala, a young woman who finds herself cast adrift in Hollywood with World War II looming.More

  7. Book CoverThe Widow's Children: A Novel

    "Chekhovian. . . . Every line of Fox's story, every gesture of her characters, is alive and surprising."—Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York TimesMore