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"Reads like a combination of American Graffiti and Hoosiers put on pages with humor and wit. It's a wonderful story.... I loved it."—Associated Press

It's not about golf. It's about life. Set in a small Oklahoma town in the mid-1960s—a simple place in a confusing time—Flatbellies is partly about the seemingly unreachable goal of a high school golf team: to win the state championship. But mostly it's about the way Chipper, Jay, L.K., Buster, the unforgettable Peachy, and their friends learn to deal with love, loss, friendship, fear, triumph, tragedy, growing up, and growing together. Fictionalized from the author's teenage years in the heartland of America, Flatbellies is a memorable and moving coming-of-age story.

Book Details

  • Paperback
  • April 2003
  • ISBN 978-0-393-32420-4
  • 5.5 × 8.3 in / 344 pages
  • Sales Territory: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

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